Monday Musings

Plans for the week ahead

Busy week this week with Respiratory System Co-op class today, soccer Tuesday, and dentist appointment on Wednesday. Plans are for school each morning except today cuz of classes and working outside each afternoon except Tuesday cuz of soccer. We should be able to get our workbooks all done on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings and then work on Easy Peasy computer school Thursday and Friday. Passing out the monthly papers on Wednesday also. Finishing up the garden this week and hopefully do the last mowing of the fields this week.

Thinking about

Scheduling and how to fit it all in. Trying to organize the upstairs fka (formally known as) the computer room. It is now just called the “stupid room” not sure why but it will eventually be an organized craft and activity room.

Out of doors

Lots of project to work on outside: bulkhead, gardening, mowing, fencing in birds, and planting bulbs.

In the kitchen

Cleaned out the garden this week and ended up with lots of cherry tomatoes to snack on with lunches. We did our monthly shopping at Aldi’s for meat and now our freezer is full.

A photo from last week….

We had a wonderful time at the Children’s Science Museum this week. This museum is one of our favorite places. Here is Pilot’s creation using massive building materials. It is a huge marble factory.

Pilot's Marble Factory
Pilot’s Marble Factory

Hope you have a wonderful week!


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