Evaluating Midyear: Homeschooling

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Each year about this time I look over what we have done in the beginning of the school year and try and figure out what we have accomplished and then work on a plan for what still needs to be done.

Looming in my mind are the thoughts about the importance of finishing that 7th grade science book or whether that child understands what he is reading. Is he “getting” it?

What has he learned so far this year and what else would he need or like to learn for this year?

If you have read my post before you know that I make a plan at the beginning of each year. More like an outline of what I plan to accomplish.

This time of year JANUARY I reevaluate that plan and decide:

  • Was it a good plan?
  • Was I was off the mark in what I thought each child could accomplish?
  • Was I asking too much of him/her?
  • Was it was too easy, should I have asked more of him/her?

THEN the hard questions…

  • Will I have enough to put in a portfolio for the state or is this one of those years where we have to push through a ton of school work at the end of the year to get “enough” done for the state office?
  • Did I think more of the stuff that needed to get done than I did of the child himself who was having to do all that stuff?
  • Do I have that child best interests at heart?
  • Do I have his future goals in my mind while working this plan?

Well, this year we did not accomplish as much…


It surprises me each year around this time.

I look through all the work the children have done and I realize…

Man, they did a TON!

I am thankful we have accomplished so much and also relieved that there isn’t a crazy load of work that still needs to be accomplished.

My plan for this coming semester:

Princess, 3rd grade:

  • ART: Let her work on her art book as much as possible as she loves art.
  • MATH: See if she can get those multiplication facts memorized.
  • WRITING, SCIENCE, HISTORY: Write one more science and one more history report for the portfolio. She needs to work on not using so many capital letters within her sentences.
  • OTHER: She really enjoyed that horse study, maybe we should keep working on that or has it been enough and just let her enjoy horses on her own.

Collector, 7th grade:

  • MATH: He is doing really well and just needs to keep working consistently through his workbook. He needs to be reminded he is amazing at math.
  • WRITING, HISTORY: He needs to write one more history report for me for his portfolio. His paragraph writing needs a bit of improvement. Remembering that one topic per paragraph and keeping all that topic together in the one paragraph.
  • SCIENCE: He loves his new science book and is working through it well. The fact that he is sharing information from his chapters as he is reading them means he “gets it”. This is called narration or narrating his lessons, it shows comprehension.

Pilot, 9th grade:

  • MATH: All set and going strong. Learning a lot this year and remembering most of it. Having a great time also with his arduino board.
  • WRITING, SCIENCE, HISTORY: He needs to write 2 more reports. One report for science and one for history. When writing he needs to have the quiet and the time to think about what he wants to write. He gives up before he has the chance to get his thoughts on paper if there is too much happening around him.
  • OTHER: Really think he would enjoy doing that “Pilots Weather” book for science, either at the end of this school year or for next semester.

Tech, 11th grade:

  • MATH: He is just starting his college math course and is a bit nervous. I am sure he will do fine, it’s just getting used to a new teacher online. He has done plenty this year and this will be a great end to his junior year.
  • WRITING, HISTORY: His college writing course took care of most of the writing required for this year. I will need one more history topic report from him for his portfolio. he can choose the topic.
  • SCIENCE: Biology is going well. Need to order those specimens for dissection so he can finish up this course on time.

So that’s my plan, well actually their plan for this semester before our lives get busy during the summer.

  • When do you reevaluate?

  • What does the rest of your school year look like?

Ours is pretty straight and on course which shocked me completely.

BUT Happy, this mom is HAPPY!

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