Monday Musings

Plans for the week ahead…

This week is starting out crazy and well isn’t going to get any better. A friend asked me this weekend how my week looked. My comment was just our normal crazy life 🙂 Today we had homeschool co-op on the Nervous system and then headed up to Costco to go shopping for the month. Tomorrow we have ice skating in the morning, Soccer party in the afternoon, and homeschool meeting in the evening. Wednesday is the state police field trip, orthodontist, and the last of the grocery shopping. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are clear sailing so far. Looks like a good chunk of school on all but Tuesday, YES! Focusing on working on our packet of November schoolwork and Easy Peasy this week.

Thinking about…

We did end up working on wood burning last week and will continue working on them this week. I have a really nice sign I started for the craft room that I will finish up this week. I need to pick up some stain on Wednesday for this project. Also, my goal this week is to tackle the upstairs hallway. UGH! I need to organize winter clothes and get rid of some hats and mittens that have seen better days.

Out of doors…

We have figured out the duck housing situation and it is working well. They are trained now to sleep in the horse barn at night. Since they are a South American breed of duck they don’t do well in the winter weather. Hoping this situation will help them. Our plans for outdoors this week are to fence in the chickens. We have the fencing, the stakes, and just need to find the time 🙂

In the kitchen…

Had fun making soup this week. Our favorite was my dh’s shepherds pie soup. It was amazing. It was also his own creation. Don’t have any real specific plans in the kitchen this week except trying to use the crock-pot more. I took it out this week to do soup and just love the way it smelled coming home to supper all done.

A photo from last week….

We had a wonderful field trip to the apiary last week and here is a picture of Tech, Pilot, and Collector with a friend. Behind them is the view from the apiary parking lot. We live in a beautiful part of the country for sure.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Monday Musings

Plans for the week ahead

We are doing the Muscular System this week in co-op which should be fun. There are a lot of fun experiments to try 🙂 Ice skating starts this weeks which is also the same day as Soccer for just this one week, busy but exciting. Apiary field trip on Wednesday. Looks like nice big chunks of schoolwork days this week, awesome! We are hoping to work on wood burning for art this week. We have the supplies except the word burning tool. In the organizing of the craft room I still have not found this tool. Hoping to find it this week.

Thinking about

I bought fabric last week for a couple summer dresses for Princess and a night gown for her. I might start these. I also have an idea for a sewn advent calendar that I am still forming in my head. I need to finish organizing the craft room before sewing. I am close but not done yet. (updates on this progress will be here: Crazy8 Gets Organized)

Out of doors

We still need to finish up the bulkhead before the snow. Not sure if that will work this week with the weather forecast 😦 The horses fencing needs repair and that will be first priority for this week.

In the kitchen

My goal this week is to try a new soup each day and bake a loaf of bread to go with it. This is huge for me because I always think I don’t have time for this kind of thing. Planning my menu today and will let you know how it goes.

A photo from last week….

We had a wonderful time at the Natural Science Museum this week. Here is a cute picture from our day. It was cold but we learned a lot about birds.

Natural Science Museum
Collector & Princess at the Natural Science Museum

Hope you have a wonderful week!