Monday Musings

Plans for the week ahead

Can’t believe it actually looks like a slow week this week. We only have Co-op classes today, Ice Skating tomorrow, and Bible study Wednesday. We have the November packets of schoolwork to finish this week. The main focus this week is making a video for a contest the kids found.

This weekend they started with talking about all the movies they wanted to make. I finally said to them that they just needed to do it! I told them they could have a good chunk of time this week to work on one if they could find a contest to enter. There would have been 4 movies being worked on if they didn’t have a main goal 🙂 So, they found one and are having a planning session today and start filming tomorrow afternoon.

Thinking about

I was able to finish up neatening up the hallway upstairs. I still need to organizer it. I have containers to spray paint to match each other. I bought the spray paint and have the containers (in varying colors). The containers will go below each child coat and snow pants. The containers are to hold that particular child’s ice skates, hats, gloves, and helmet for skating. Trying to cut down on the number of hats, gloves, and mittens around the house and get the hallway organized.

Out of doors

Brrr, it has been so chilly overnight. Tomorrow looks like a perfect afternoon to get outside and do some filming 🙂

In the kitchen

Hmmm, what to do, what to do… We have so much time home this week. Trying to use the oven and get the house warmed up on these chilly days. Lot’s of cookies being made. Thinking we should change our focus to muffins and quick breads to have in the mornings for breakfast. Love to make these in bulk with our commercial size muffin trays that hold 2 1/2 dozen muffins. That should kill two birds: warm up the house and have breakfast all set.

A photo from last week….

This weekend we had a great time just hanging out with some friends after church. Here is a  cute picture of both of our family’s youngest children.















Hope you have a wonderful week!